Forensic & Valuation Services Library 

The Forensic & Valuation Services Library is a powerful research tool that gives you access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date forensic accounting and valuation information available in a searchable, web-based format. Members of the FVS Section (inclusive of CFF and ABV Credential holders) get unlimited access to the FVS Collection - a $549 value.

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What's in the Library?

Professional Standards

  • AICPA Code of Professional Conduct
  • Statement on Standards for Consulting Services No. 1 (CS 100)
  • Statement on Standards for Valuation Services No. 1 (VS 100)

FVS Practice Aids

  • A CPA's Guide to Family Law Services
  • Business Valuations for Estate and Gift Tax Purposes
  • Calculating Intellectual Property Infringement Damages
  • Discount Rates, Risk, and Uncertainty in Economic Damages Calculations
  • Forensic Accounting - Fraud Investigations
  • Introduction to Civil Litigation
  • Measuring Damages Involving Individuals
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Disputes
  • Serving as an Expert Witness or Consultant

AICPA Accounting & Valuation Guides

  • Assets Acquired to Be Used in Research and Development Activities
  • Testing Goodwill for Impairment
  • Valuation of Privately-Held-Company Equity Securities Issued as Compensation

Other Tools

  • SSVS Toolkit
  • Engagement Letter Templates for Valuation and Calculation Engagements
  • Business Valuation Practice Management Toolkit
  • FVS Consulting Digest Articles


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