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    Fraud Resource Center 

    CPAs are currently facing an increasingly complex environment that affects their ability to meet work challenges whether in public practice, government, or in business and industry. The Forensic and Valuation Services Section offers numerous resources, tools, and products to help members meet these challenges. 

    Fraud Resources

    Fraud Products

    FVS Section members have access to various tools, aids, articles, checklists, and more to help them meet the challenges of this emerging area.

    A variety of products, publications, and training are available to help members improve their skills in the practice of fraud prevention, detection, and response. 

    Highlighted Resource

    How to Organize a Forensic Accounting Investigation cover

    Forensic accounting is a rapidly growing specialized practice area for CPAs that describes engagements that either arise from an actual or anticipated dispute or litigation. For those who are interested in learning more about forensic accounting investigation services, our How to Organize a Forensic Accounting Investigation whitepaper provides a broad-based guide to the fundamentals of the approach and execution of a forensic accounting investigation.

    Spotlight on Fraud

    Common Fraud book cover 

    Common Fraud: A Guide to Thwarting the Top Ten Schemes

    Discover how to identify the red flags associated with the most costly and common fraud schemes. In this indispensable guide, author Glenn Helms analyzes several prominent studies in order to identify the top ten most common fraud schemes and then provides you with detailed descriptions of how these frauds are perpetrated, including real-world examples.

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