Business Valuation

    Business Valuation 

    The Business Valuation Resources section presents guidance on performing valuations of closely-held businesses and intangible assets, including an overview of the valuation process, the factors to consider before accepting the valuation engagement, and the various methods of valuation. Additionally, it includes tools and aids that would facilitate the business valuation process.

    Highlighted Resources

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    Spotlight on Valuation
    Understanding Business Valuation cover 

    Understanding Business Valuation: A Practical Guide to Valuing Small to Medium Sized Businesses, Fourth Edition

    Other valuation resources available in the FVS Store:

    AICPA Accounting and Valuation Guides (for purchase only)

    For access to more valuation resources, visit the FVS Store.

    Non-Authoritative Guidance
    A compass represents non-authoritative guidance in business valuation
    Other Resources
    Books represent additional business valuation resources


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