The Forensic and Valuation Services Center provide CPAs with a vast array of resources, tools and information about forensic accounting and business valuation services in one convenient location. The FVS Center also provides special member benefits to FVS Section and CFF and ABV credential holders.

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    Learn more about how to become a part of the fast growing CFF Credential community.

    Learn more about how to become a part of the fast growing ABV Credential community.


    lock Measuring Damages Involving Individuals
    This practice aid provides an overview of the calculation of damages involving individuals with losses from personal injury, wrongful death, employment termination, and employment discrimination cases. FVS members can access this new practice aid in the FVS Collection of the Online Professional Library.
    New Checklists in SSVS Toolkit
    The SSVS Toolkit includes customizable engagement letter templates, development and reporting checklists, and sample reports to assist members who perform engagements to estimate value in accordance with SSVS No.1.
    2014 Survey on International Trends in Forensic & Valuation Services
    Take an in-depth look into the trends that are impacting CPA forensic accountants and valuation specialists across North America.

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    SSVS Toolkit 

    The SSVS Toolkit was designed to provide non-authoritative guidance on developing engagements, composing engagement letters and drafting reports in accordance with SSVS No.1. It includes:

    • Application of SSVS No. 1 to Illustrative Client Engagement Situations
    • Customizable Engagement Letter Templates
    • Development Compliance Checklists
    • Reporting Compliance Checklists
    • Sample Valuation Reports


    The Value of the ABV Credential 

    The Value of the CFF Credential

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    Upcoming FVS Webcasts 

  • July 30 - Valuation of Technology
  • August 21 - The Two Faces of White Collar Criminal Investigations


    FVS members have exclusive access to archived recordings of previously recorded webcasts in the FVS Webcast Library.

  • Training and Development 

    AICPA Expert Witness Skills Workshop

    Sept 11, 2014 - Sept 13, 2014 – Washington D.C. – Develop and enhance the skills necessary to be an effective expert witness, and learn how to confidently and effectively communicate with the jury or trier of fact through practice and critique by industry experts, attorneys, and experienced judges.

    AICPA Forensic & Valuation Services Conference

    Nov 9, 2014 - Nov 11, 2014 - New Orleans, LA - Forensic and valuation practitioners have the opportunity to attend sessions from either inter-related area.

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    The FVS Center is committed to supporting members by providing opportunities and resources that promote professional growth and practice development. We welcome your feedback on ways we can make the center more useful and valuable for you.

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