The Forensic and Valuation Services Center provide CPAs with a vast array of resources, tools and information about forensic accounting and business valuation services in one convenient location. The FVS Center also provides special member benefits to FVS Section and CFF and ABV credential holders.

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    NEW! FVS Member Video Library
    This collection of nano-learning videos was generated and submitted by AICPA members and volunteers to help teach forensic accounting and business valuation to both professionals and students.
    AICPA/AAML Conference on Divorce
    This intensive program provides innovative ideas and timely solutions to help you succeed in a myriad of circumstances – to settle cases, value businesses, split marital assets, identify fraud, utilize electronic discovery & evidence, locate foreign assets and develop strategies to handle high-profile and unique cases.
    Changes to Accredited in Business Valuation Exam
    New for 2015, the ABV Exam will be offered in a 2-part modular format. Each module will last 3 hours, and candidates must pass both modules within 12 months to receive credit for the ABV Exam. There will be no changes to the exam content or the psychometric grading procedures.

    One-stop access to vital resources like Professional Standards, FVS Practice Aids, AICPA Accounting & Valuation Guides, Practice Management Tools and Templates, and more. This Library is a powerful research tool that gives you access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date forensic accounting and valuation information available in a searchable, web-based format. Free for FVS/CFF/ABV members (savings of $250).

    What’s In It For Me? Flip through this handy reference guide for a snapshot of how FVS membership can enhance your forensic and valuation practice.

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    July 1 - August 15, 2016

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    The Value of the CFF Credential

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    Training and Development 

    AICPA CFF Exam Review Course

    The AICPA's CFF credential is the most rigorous and prestigious of the financial forensics certifications. This CPE course provides an in-depth, comprehensive review of the financial forensics body of knowledge to help prepare for the exam.

    Preparing for AICPA's ABV Examination Review

    The AICPA's ABV credential is the most rigorous and prestigious of the business valuation certifications. This CPE course provides of an in-depth, comprehensive review of the business valuation body of knowledge to help prepare for the exam.

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    The FVS Center is committed to supporting members by providing opportunities and resources that promote professional growth and practice development. We welcome your feedback on ways we can make the center more useful and valuable for you.

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