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Unlimited Access to Business Brokerage Press' Acclaimed Online Business Reference Guide

Business Brokerage Press LogoMembers of the FVS Section get unlimited access to Business Brokerage Press’ acclaimed online Business Reference Guide (“BRG Online”) a $189 value.  

With rule of thumb pricing in over 650 industries, this comprehensive database will allow you to quickly provide your clients with a rule of thumb estimate on the value of their business.

This is an essential guide for benchmarking, rules of thumb and pricing tips.
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Business Reference Guide Online

Included with BRG Online:

  • Information for over 650 types of businesses
  • Rules of Thumb based on both sales and earnings (SDE)
  • Pricing tips from industry experts
  • Benchmark information that provides comparison
  • Ratings on seven factors that can assist you in deriving an SDE multiplier:
    • Amount of Competition
    • Marketability
    • Amount of Risk
    • Industry Trend
    • Historical Profit Trend
    • Ease of Replication
    • Location and Facilities
  • Industry resources such as associations and publications with Web sites
  • General information providing industry data, surveys, and comments
  • Fascinating facts about many different businesses and industries
  • Ability to search for businesses using keywords
  • Continual updates throughout the year
  • Ability to save favorite industries
  • Personalized printing allows you to print out search results from the guide to a PDF file with your own logo, colors, and disclaimer
  • Accessible from any computer with internet access
  • Ease of adding BRG data to your reports and business summaries, etc., by simply moving the required text from BRG Online to your work

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