Expert Witness Profiler 

The Expert Witness Profiler, LLC is a company which conducts extensive studies (profiles) of an expert witness' professional background. Experts order profiles on themselves and competing experts so that they can be better prepared to handle surprise deposition questions, avoid pitfalls from opposing attorneys, and improve their utility as trial consultants to retaining attorneys. The principals of the company, James Robinson, Esq. and Myles Levin, are two of the co-authors of the seminal whitepaper Finding and Researching Expert Witnesses.

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What Do You Get from Expert Witness Profile Report?
A man reads through an Expert Witness Profile reportIn addition to the Profile report itself, where available, the Expert Witness Profiler also provides access to expert witness transcripts, briefs (including memoranda in support of or in opposition to motions to exclude testimony), and other relevant supporting documents.

There are two options:

Preliminary Profile Screening Report - Free to FVS Section members
Learn how much information is likely to be in the full profile report (testimonial history information only).

Expert Witness Profile - $495
Each profile report takes an average of 25 hours to compile and is delivered within 10 business days.

FVS Section members (including CFF and ABV credential holders) receive a 20% discount on each report.

Who can order an Expert Witness Profile?
A clipboard with a list of reasons someone needs a expert witness profile report 

Any potential referral source can now easily order an expert witnesses’ profile pre-retention and the opposing counsel on a case in which you are retained has this same access.

Why do I need one?

  • Challenges to testimony about which an expert may not be aware
  • Inaccurate information about the expert in court records, public records, records of private and semi-public agencies
  • Negative and even slanderous information about the expert on the open Internet
  • Designation without retention
  • Profiling of Experts is now more general practice and commonplace
  • Profile report’s use as a marketing tool

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