ABV Assessment Tool 

    A man uses the ABV Assessment ToolThe ABV Assessment Tool was created for those who are interested in pursuing the Accredited in Business Valuation (“ABV”) Credential and would like to assess their familiarity with the BV body of knowledge.  The subject areas covered include the 3 valuation approaches (Market Approach, Income Approach, and Asset Approach), Fair Value for Financial Reporting, Valuation of Intangible Assets, Professional Standards, and more (please see list of modules below).  This tool is available for free to anyone who is interested in finding out more about the valuation arena.  To access the modules, click on the hyperlinks below. NOTE: The assessment tool is not a comprehensive exam, and will not substitute for proper preparation prior to taking the ABV Exam.

    You will be provided 10 questions on the topic you selected. If you answer a question incorrectly you will be provided an explanation of the correct response or why the answer is incorrect. Upon conclusion of all 10 questions, you will be presented with a score and an evaluation of your need for further education or review classes on this topic prior to sitting for the ABV Exam. This is a self assessment tool and this is just one element in your ultimate decision as to how to best prepare for the exam. The results of the assessment tool should not be solely relied upon to determine your familiarity with the BV body of knowledge. Your experience level and comfort level with the material should also play into your decision.

    ABV Assessment Tools Modules

     Module 1

     Professional Standards

     Module 2

     Subject Company Analysis

     Module 3

     Cost of Capital

     Module 4

     Income Approach

     Module 5

     Market Approach

     Module 6

     Asset Approach

     Module 7

     Valuation Adjustments (Discounts & Premiums)

     Module 8

     Fair Value for Financial Reporting

     Module 9

     Valuation of Intangible Assets

     Module 10

     Valuation Service Areas

     Module 11

     General Topics

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