Business Valuations (BV) Committee 

    A group of people represent the BV Committee The Business Valuations (BV) Committee supports the AICPA by fostering growth in the area of valuation services by providing technical and educational guidance to CPAs in public practice or in the private sector that provide or seek to provide valuation services and by monitoring matters that impact CPAs' ability to provide valuation services.

    Business Valuations (BV) Committee
    as of October 1, 2013

     Randie Dial, Chair Indianapolis, IN

     Mark Hayden - Los Angeles, CA

     Kimberly Beaucourt - Oklahoma City, OK

     Lela Lawless - Phoeniz, AZ

     Nathan DiNatale - Sparks, MD

     Paul Levine - Montréal (Québec) Canada

     Joseph Emanuele - Laguna Niguel, CA

     Jason MacMorran - Baton Rouge, LA

     John Ferro - New York, NY

     Brad Pursel - San Diego, CA

     Eddy Parker - AICPA Liaison - Durham, NC

     Eva Simpson - AICPA Liaison - Durham, NC


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