AICPA Business Valuation Webcast Series 

 Core Competencies from the Nation's Leading Experts

This series of AICPA webcast recordings will provide you with introductory knowledge on the core competencies of business valuation. Each interactive session was facilitated by valuation experts that shared best practices, proven strategies, and timely information to help you navigate into this lucrative practice area. 
FVS Section members can access these recordings in the FVS Webcast Library.

AICPA Business Valuation Webcast Series
Core Competencies from the Nation's Leading Experts

Understanding the Statement on Standards for Valuation Services No. 1

FVS Engagement Management: Best Practices

Standards of Value (and More…) 

Reports Used in Business Valuation

Understanding the Asset Approach

Issues in the Application of the Guideline Publicly Traded Company Method Under the Market Approach

Hands On Application of the Market Approach: The Guideline Transaction (M&A) Method 

Understanding and Implementing the Income Approach

Exploring the Discount for Lack of Control

Discounts for Lack of Marketability: Is 35 Percent the Right Number?

Valuations for Financial Statement Reporting Purposes

Principles of Valuation for Marital Dissolution Purposes

Forensic Analysis Expert Witness Testimony: Defending Your Expert Report and Expert Testimony

What Appraisers, Accountants, and Attorneys Need to Know About Business Valuation-Related Issues in Estate Planning

Valuation for Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Valuations for Dissenting Stockholder & Minority Oppression Actions











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