Assurance and Advisory Services

SOC Toolkit for Firms 

Many CPA firms are developing niche practices performing SOC engagements, which represent an excellent practice development opportunity in response to marketplace demands. Service organizations must reassure their users about controls over financial reporting, the integrity of their systems and the safety of data processed by those systems. 

To help firms navigate this emerging service area, establish a niche practice and help clients, prospects and service organizations understand the benefits of SOC engagements, the AICPA has created a number of free resources and marketing materials in this helpful toolkit.

SOC Marketing and Communications Made Easy

AICPA members can use the following resources to explain SOC engagements to clients and prospects. Print these resources and include them as a part of your firm's marketing materials, or within your  client newsletter. 

  • Why SOC Reports Are a Marketplace Opportunity for Firms: This insightful case study gives your clients and prospects a real-world example of how one company,, a secure, online clearinghouse assures its users about the controls it implements to protect the privacy and confidentiality of users’ data. 
  • Why a CPA? flyer: CPAs are the premier providers for SOC engagements. This flyer helps explain to clients why a CPA is best suited to provide assurance on service organization controls.
  • SOC Reports flyer: Which SOC report is right for your client? This flyer explains the three types of SOC reports and gives insights into the users who rely on each type of report.
  • PowerPoint presentation: When your clients--and even your staff--need to better understand the background and evolution behind SOC reports, this presentation provides the details surrounding SOC 1, 2 and 3 reports.
  • Sample article for use in firm newsletters: This article outlines the differences between SOC 1, 2 and 3 reports and can be a helpful piece in explaining which report is best suited for organizations.  
  • SOC Logo for use by CPAs: You can promote your SOC practice using these print- and web-ready logos. 

SOC Toolkit for Service Organizations Also Available...
The AICPA has created a separate toolkit to help service organizations better understand and capitalize upon SOC 1, 2 and 3 Reports. Click here to access the SOC Toolkit for Service Organizations or share this toolkit with your service organization clients and prospects.

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