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CPEA Events 

Annually, the CPEA delivers eight two-hour webinars and twelve monthly reports to our members, as well as an eight-hour webinar conducted over a two-day period. Special reports and alerts are issued as necessary. In addition, special VIP sessions are offered to our members at select AICPA conferences.

Date Time Event
3/16/2016  8am EST  Release of March Member Reports 
4/27/2016  8am EST  Release of April Member Reports 
5/4/2016  2-4pm EST  A&A Quarterly Update Webcast:  Employee benefit plans update; A&A update; the new lease accounting standard 
5/18/2016  8am EST  Release of May Member Reports 
6/22/2016  8am EST  Release of June Member Reports 
6/23/2016  2-4pm EST  Regular Webcast: Auditor reporting; reporting packages; VIE practice issues
7/20/2016  8am EST  Release of July Member Reports 
8/10/2016  2-4pm EST  A&A Quarterly Update Webcast: Not-for-Profit and OMB Circular A-133 update; A&A update 
8/17/2016  8am
Release of August Member Reports 
9/8/2016  2-4pm EST  Regular Webcast: The new revenue recognition standard, Including industry-specific issues; the new lease accounting standard 
9/21/2016  1-5pm EST  First Half of Annual 8 Hour Webinar 
9/21/2016  8am EST  Release of September Member Reports 
9/22/2016 1-5pm EST  Second Half of Annual 8 Hour Webinar 
10/19/2016  8am EST  Release of October Member Reports 
11/2/2016  2-4pm EST  A&A Quarterly Update Webcast 
11/16/2016  8am
Release of November Member Reports 
12/8/2016  2-4pm EST  Regular Webcast 
12/21/2016 8am EST  Release of December Member Reports 

* Please note that webcast topics are subject to change due to speaker availability and to cover recent developments

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