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    Lean manufacturing is an approach that has helped many companies reduce waste and streamline operations.  However, as companies implement a lean approach to manufacturing, many cost accounting practices no longer make sense.  Lean accounting is a new way of looking at the numbers that categorizes costs by value stream, which includes everything done to create value for a customer that can be reasonably associated with a product or product line.    



    The Lowdown on Lean Accounting

    This article from the Journal of Accountancy provides a look at some of the benefits and pitfalls of implementing lean accounting.

    Lean Accounting Being Driven by a Lean Business Philosophy

    This CPA Letter article discusses the growth in interest in lean accounting to support lean manufacturing initiatives.

    Lean Accounting News

    News and features about Lean Accounting. Sponsored by the Lean Accounting Summit.

    Lean Accounting: What's It All About?

    Overview article on Lean Accounting on the Lean Accounting Summit Web site.

    Auditors Can Provide Solutions

    Planning a conversion to lean accounting? This article from Lean Accounting News explains why and how to involve your audit firm as soon as possible to avoid surprises and get the answers you need.


    CPE & Other Products

    Lean Accounting and Management: Improving Profitability by Streamlining Operations

    Learn how to minimize waste and create wealth in your organization through a lean accounting and management approach that improves profitability by streamlining operations with this CPE Self-Study Course.

    Shaping Up Your Accounting Function: Trimming the Fat and Going Lean

    This CPE Self-Study illustrate how accounting functions can be aligned with lean goals and lean performance measures and how your business can make a smooth and successful transformation to a lean accounting function.

    Real Numbers through Lean Accounting...The Evolution of Accounting in Support of "Lean" Operations

    In this CD-Rom based Webcast archive see how three former CFOs became change agents and aligned accounting with lean operations. You'll learn about the financial impact that resulted as they share lessons learned and provide practical recommendations to start your own lean accounting journey.

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