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    The AICPA Enterprise Risk Management website provides resources to enable AICPA members to add value to their organization and client ERM initiatives.

    Resources for ERM disclosure requirements.

    Resources for providing assurance and other services.


    New Publication: Risk Assessment for Mid-sized Organisations
    This edition offers guidance and practical tools designed to demystify risk identification at the enterprise or entity level and to help the user develop a tailored approach to the organization’s risk management requirements.
    2015 Report on the Current State of Enterprise Risk Oversight: 6th Edition
    This annual report produces a resource for benchmarking an organization’s approach to risk oversight against current trends. One notable area for improvement in risk oversight this year is the integration of risk management with strategic planning.
    Enterprise Risk Management: Understanding and Communicating Risk Appetite
    The objective of this paper is to help an organization develop and communicate its risk appetite, both to determine which objectives to pursue and to manage those objectives within the organization’s appetite for risk.

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    AICPA Global Manufacturing Conference

    AICPA Global Manufacturing Conference

    Sep 17 - 18, 2015
    Denver, CO

    The 2015 Global Manufacturing Conference is the event for operations and finance professionals working in all segments of the manufacturing industry. This conference was designed by leaders in manufacturing finance and operations to meet the needs of a global audience of industry experts and leaders. The focus is on Finance & Operations, working together to shape the future of the manufacturing industry.

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