2016 Government Briefs 

Providing Professional Financial Management Services to the Federal Government: Part I - Requirements and Resources
(December 2016)

Providing services to the federal government requires particular understanding, resources, management and accountability.  The first of this two-part series outlines requirements of working in and serving the federal government, along with significant resources to support the tasks. 

Vendor Integrity:
Online Research
(August 2016)

Prior to contracting with a vendor, government agencies must make a determination that the vendor that it wishes to do business with is “responsible.” This brief discusses the key areas to be reviewed as part of vendor responsibility determination.

Risk Management
(May 2016)

Third in the International Risk Management Series, Irving Low describes the Singapore risk model, “Embedding Risk Management”. There are three key elements to doing this effectively: building an accountable structure with well-defined roles and responsibilities and clear reporting; setting a risk appetite that is closely aligned to corporate strategy; and embedding a robust risk culture based on this.

The Orange Book: Management of Risk - Principles and Concepts
(April 2016)

Second in the International Risk Management Series, an introduction to the United Kingdom’s risk model, “The Risk Management Model” is explored.  The model presents core risk management processes in a non-linear, integrated format and is to be applied in an environment where risk appetite has been previously established.

Tools to Answer the Question: Are You Depending on U. S. Federal Government Policies that May be Unsustainable?

(January 2016)

This brief is intended to answer questions about long term projections, the debt-to-GDP ratio, the fiscal gap, and cost of delay for the FR based on GAAP established by the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB). This series will make more people aware of the vital financial information provided annually by the U. S. Department of the Treasury on the U.S. Government’s current financial position and condition, including fiscal sustainability.


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