2014 Outstanding CPA in Government Career Contribution Award Winner, Randy C. Roberts, CPA, CGFM 

Randy C. Roberts is the Senior Technical Director for the Arizona Office of the Auditor General.  His role in the Office is to provide technical research and assistance to Office staff, auditees, and peers and provide audit and accounting standards implementation oversight. In his previous role as Professional Practice Director, he was responsible for the quality assurance activities in the Office, including providing technical research and assistance; performing quality assurance reviews of Office audit reports and other publications; and giving technical trainings and presentations. Randy’s experience, all with the Auditor General Office’s since 1981, includes auditing most levels of government: the state, universities, counties, community colleges, hospitals, health plans, and school districts.

Randy has been extremely active in the audit community during his career, having served, and continuing to serve in many capacities, and for organizations such as the AICPA, the Government Accountability Office, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, the National State Auditors Association, and the Arizona Society of CPAs. For example:

• Served on the Auditing Standards Board during the clarity standards project;
• Served and continues to serve on AICPA task forces;
• Gives technical presentations at conferences and webinars;
• Serves on the Government Accounting & Auditing Update Conference committee;
• Served on State and Local Government Expert Panel, including contribution to the State and local government audit guide and Government auditing standards and A-133 audit guide;
• Participated on the initial and updated version of the Government Audit Committee Toolkit

U.S. Office of Management and Budget
• Served on the President’s task force on improving improper payments and single audits initiative

National State Auditors Association
• Awarded the William R. Snodgrass Distinguished Leadership Award and NASACT’s Special Recognition Award
• Served and continues to serve on various technical and strategic committees
• Gives technical presentations at conferences and state audit offices

Arizona Society of CPAs
• Awarded Lifetime Member Award
• Served on Board of Directors, as well as numerous technical committees


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