Sample Teaching Strategies and Techniques for Accounting Courses 


The following list includes examples of teaching strategies and classroom techniques that may be used to teach technical content in accounting courses, but that also address one or more of the core competencies or elements of core competencies. 

Teaching Strategy Example

Brief Description

Enhanced (Modified) Lecture
Traditional lecture modified to include active elements including: pausing for discussion among students, including immediate mastery tests/quizzes over lecture material, using demonstrations, responding to pre-submitted student-generated questions
Questioning and Discussion Includes questioning students in a way that helps them evaluate their own thought processes by probing the thinking behind their statements and questions. Also includes asking students different types of questions: knowledge questions, comprehension questions, analysis questions, synthesis questions, evaluation questions
Writing in Class
Writing for the purpose of learning and thinking. Includes journals, one-minute papers, responses to unstructured problems or cases
Problem-Based Learning - Cases
Students use knowledge, concepts, and skills relevant to a course to solve realistic business problems.
Problem-Based Learning- Guided Design
A student team attacks a problem by dividing it into a series of prescribed steps (e.g. identify the problem, state the goal, list constraints, etc.) to be resolved in order; after each step, instructor provides written "expert" analysis elaborating on the various alternatives the students had available during the previous step
Group Learning - Teamwork Students work together in teams, collaborating to complete a problem or project
Students or groups of students debate controversies structured by the professor.
A representation of real-world event(s) in a reduced, compressed form; role playing, simulations, games, novels, experimental market methods
Technology - Visual and Computer - Based Instruction
Technology- Based Delivery
Courses Delivered partially or wholly online
Fieldwork - Service Learning
Accomplishment of tasks needed by the community combined with intentional learning goals, conscious reflection, and critical analysis
Fieldwork - Accounting Internships
Students get academic credit and real-world experience working in industry, government or public accounting



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