Personal Core Competencies for the Accounting Profession 

Personal competencies relate to the attitudes and behaviors of individuals preparing to enter the accounting profession. Developing these personal competencies will enhance the way professional relationships are handled and facilitate individual learning and personal improvement.

Professional Demeanor

The accounting profession is committed to maintaining a public reputation for excellence in the performance of important roles in business and society. Individuals entering the accounting profession should behave in a manner that is consistent with the character and standards of the discipline of accounting, as well as the norms of the environment in which they interact. This competency involves demonstrating objectivity, integrity, and ethical behavior. It also includes a commitment to stable work performance, as well as a commitment to continuously acquire new skills and knowledge.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Accounting professionals are often asked to discern the true nature of a situation and then determine the principles and techniques needed to solve problems or make judgments. Thus, individuals entering the accounting profession should display effective problem solving and decision-making skills, good insight, and judgment, as well as innovative and creative thinking.


Accounting professionals must be able to work with others to accomplish objectives. This requires them to act as valuable business partners within organizations and markets and work in teams to provide business solutions. Thus, individuals entering the accounting profession should demonstrate an ability to work productively with individuals in a diversity of roles and with varying interests in the outcome.


Individuals entering the accounting profession should be able to effectively lead in appropriate circumstances. This involves acquiring the skills needs to influence, inspire, and motivate individuals and groups to achieve results.


Accounting professionals are called upon to communicate financial and non-financial information so that it is understood by individuals with diverse capabilities and interests. Individuals entering the accounting profession should have the skills necessary to give and exchange information within a meaningful context and with appropriate delivery. They should have the ability to listen, deliver powerful presentations and produce examples of effective business writing.

Project Management

Accounting professionals must successfully manage a diversity of projects throughout their career. Individuals entering the accounting profession should demonstrate the ability to effectively control the course of a multi-dimensional, multi-step undertaking. This includes managing project assets, including human, financial, property, and technical resources.

Leverage Technology to Develop and Enhance Personal Competencies
Technological adaptability is a requirement for today's accounting professional. As technology advances, the accounting professional must acquire new skills and determine how new technologies should be best incorporated into their practices. This commitment to continual technological learning will enhance the development and application of other personal competencies.


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