Classroom Materials for Accounting Educators 

 Core Competency Framework
Developed by educators to define a set of skills-based competencies needed by all students entering the accounting profession.

 Accounting Professors' Curriculum Tool
This resource provides award winning curricula deemed innovative and designed to expand the knowledge of students.

CGMA Competency Framework
Designed to help accountants and their employers understand the knowledge requirements and assess skills.

Auditing Classroom Materials

Engaging Students in Accounting and Auditing Aspects Related to the Dixon Illinois $53M Fraud

This case can be adapted to auditing, fraud and governmental accounting courses. Highlights of the case include the fraud triangle, viewing implications of the role of an audit and/or compilation work, and studying the role of the budget and corresponding processes in a government organization.

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Business Valuation Classroom Materials

Valuation = Concept Integration: Business Valuation as an Integrative Capstone Course

This resource outlines a course using a business valuation framework as a tool to integrate concepts that can be applied across accounting disciplines and business disciplines. The course focuses on evaluating the performance of a company including industry economics and business strategy, evaluating the quality of a company's financial information, assessing risk and profitability and much more.

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Ethics Classroom Materials

Jensen Pharma: A Governance Role Play

Jensen Pharma is a role play that explores the governance and ethical issues where shareholders' demands and stakeholder considerations are in direct conflict. Learning objectives include understanding the role of governance and applying best practice guidelines to improve governance, while recognizing the ethical leadership responsibilities of the board of directors.

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Financial Accounting and Reporting Classroom Materials

Accounting Challenge (ACE): Mobile-Gaming App for Learning Accounting

ACE is the first mobile gaming app for teaching financial accounting. ACE aims to enhance learning outside the classroom by engaging students to play and learn accounting on the go.

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Fraud and Forensics Classroom Materials

How to Develop a Forensic Accounting Class that Investigates Local Cases of White Collar Crime

This resource outlines a course where a select group of students are given the opportunity to investigate actual cases of suspected financial fraud that are referred to the class by local law enforcement. This course provides students with the opportunity to experience forensic accounting in a unique way while helping the community.

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Information Management and Technology Assurance Classroom Materials

Transforming Traditional Auditing and Accounting Information Systems Graduate Classes into Hybrid Classes by Incorporating a "Blended Learning" Format

This resource outlines implementing a blended learning environment for two traditional graduate classes.

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Management Accounting Classroom Materials

A "Sweet Way" To Teach Managerial Accounting: The Cookie Project

The Cookie Project is designed to give students a hands-on experience on business planning, budgeting, strategic marketing and financial statement preparation. The project provides students with an applied managerial accounting learning experience that cover all major course topics.

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Personal Financial Planning Classroom Materials

Personal Budgeting

This project asks students to critically examine their projected income and expenses after graduation from college and estimate the impact of taxes on their expected cash flows. Students learn the importance of resource allocation decisions and gain a basic understanding of income taxation.

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Tax Classroom Materials

Should Congress Take a Bigger Tax Bite Out of Technology Companies?

This case discusses the international tax minimization and reporting strategies of Apple as well as the related U.S. congressional investigations into "Offshore Profit Shifting and the U.S. Tax Code."

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