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    Educator Resources Curated Document
    Looking for AICPA educator resources? Download our new curated document loaded with content from various discipline areas of the AICPA, just for you!
    New Academic Resources Coming Soon
    Congratulations to Anthony Kurek, CPA, Full-Time Accounting Lecturer at Eastern Michigan University. He is the winner of the iPad Air giveaway and took part in our accounting faculty communications preference survey. Thank you to all participants. The feedback received was outstanding and will aid us in developing the resources you asked for to advance accounting education.
    Start Here, Go Places. Educators’ Portal
    Exclusive for high school and community college educators, the portal offers curriculum to enhance your classroom syllabus and ignite your students’ potential, as well as offers a chance to network with other educators, ask questions and learn from others.


    2014 AICPA Accounting Competition
    The AICPA Accounting Competition is students' chance to craft, refine and present their smartest accounting solutions on a specific theme.  Last year students advised a science grad on personal financial planning to pursue his dream of building a music-based mobile app; this year it's helping a pie shop through managerial accounting. Learn more at www.thiswaytocpa.com

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