Career Development

Career Development 

How to say, "This is the job I always wanted!" a dozen times in 50 years... And mean it.

Whether you’re just starting out or a few years in, you deserve to hear the truth: being a CPA isn’t just a job. It’s actually a whole series of jobs, one after another, that before you know it add up to something pretty amazing: a career.

A career, mind you, that might very well include some stepping stones, stopgaps and maybe even a mistake or two. But really, there are no dead ends – in this profession, every route will lead you somewhere. You just have to recognize the forks in the road, pay attention to the turn signals and great opportunities will appear on the horizon. (No more driving metaphors, we promise.)

As with anything else, some of this will be the result of a fortuitous confluence of events (“dumb luck”), but there’s an awful lot that’s in your power to control. And whether through providence or preparation, you’ve just stumbled on a great resource to help sift your options and plan your career ahead.

This is the place to get more information on the kinds of career paths you can follow – public accounting, government, non-profit, business, industry, whatever – and the credentials you need to reach them.

It’s also the place to get guidance on the questions that are bound to come up along the way. What should go on your next resume? How can you get plugged into professional networks? Should I work domestically, across the state line or go global

Dig in.

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Got the Job Offer

Article How do you compare benefits when there are so many options? How do you know which are the most valuable? Here are some tips for evaluating benefit plans and choosing the best one for you.
Published on May 17, 2016

Would You Rather be Happy or Wealthy

Article Where are you on the money versus happiness scale? Would you rather be wealthy or satisfied with your life? Mackay McNeill, CPA/PFS, author of The Intersection of Joy and Money, sits down with the EDGE staff to discuss how this topic affects younger CPAs. What you think is true versus
Published on May 03, 2016

The Most Important Issues for Women in the Accounting Profession

Article The AICPA “Women in the Profession” initiative continues to discuss and promote issues that all female CPAs need to know about and the male CPAs need to be aware of as well. In this interview with Melissa Hooley, chair of the Women's Initiatives Executive Committee, find out about today’s most
Published on May 03, 2016

Your LinkedIn profile misses you

Article Stacie Saunders, senior manager for social business and member engagement at the AICPA, provides 10 tips on what young CPAs need to know about LinkedIn.
Published on April 06, 2016

Itching to quit

Article Here’s what to consider when you’re trying to decide whether to leave your job or stick it out.
Published on February 28, 2016

17-year-old becomes one of the worlds youngest CPAs

Article Through hard work and determination, Belicia Cespedes earned the credential before she was even eligible to vote.
Published on February 28, 2016

Texas CPAs pathway leads to Maximo Mukelabai Award

Article Mark K. Rich is a seasoned young professional who has his eye on the future of the CPA profession.
Published on February 28, 2016

What to know before you become partner

Article If you’re on the path to partner, it’s important to know what to expect. Young CPAs who made partner or are on the ownership track offer the following advice on how to prepare.
Published on February 28, 2016

How to land the most coveted assignments

Article Landing plum assignments can sometimes be a challenge for a young CPA. Should you speak up or just hope the good work you perform gets you noticed? Here’s what other young CPAs recommend.
Published on February 28, 2016

How to impress your managing partner

Article For a young, ambitious CPA, managing up is just as important as doing what’s listed in the job description. That’s because impressing the managing partner can drastically improve your career development.
Published on February 28, 2016

Breaking borders The journey of Mohamad Al-kawafha

Article From the hot, dry summers of Jordan to the humidity of Louisiana and Texas, Mohamad Al-kawafha, CPA, CGMA, has experienced his fair share of culture and climate shock, fear of the unknown, and language barriers.
Published on February 28, 2016

Replace the career ladder with a career lattice

Article Building a career lattice is about finding new opportunities, broadening your skill set and making new contacts. Doing that eventually will help you take advantage of opportunities when they arise.
Published on February 28, 2016

To advance, learn to sell

Article Successful young CPAs say that selling is indeed one of the key skills that they must concentrate on to advance their careers.
Published on February 28, 2016

How to choose the right specialty

Article It makes good career sense to choose a specialty. It has a huge effect on how much a CPA earns in a career, how successful that career will be, and how much the CPA enjoys the work. But making such a momentous decision can be difficult.
Published on February 28, 2016

A Ph.D. for me Really

Article If you are a CPA with recent practical experience and a love for the profession, the academic accounting community is ready to embrace your talents.
Published on February 28, 2016

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