The EDGE - July 2012 

    Tips on Career Management, Leadership and Work/Life Balance.
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    Why are you a CPA

    Why are you a CPA? Are you in it just for the money or do you really enjoy what you do? Do you motivate others to consider accounting? Sound off and tell us how you feel!  Visit the Young CPA Network LinkedIn Group and tell us why you are a CPA!

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    Vol. 8, Issue 7

    Happy Hour Event

    July 19 - 20, 2012
    Baltimore, MD

    AICPA National Advanced Accounting and Auditing Technical Symposium (NAAATS)

    July 19 - 20, 2012
    Chicago, IL

    AICPA Advanced IT Audit Training School - How to Perform Tests of IT Controls

    July 30 - Aug. 1, 2012
    Atlanta, GA

    NYPN Summer Happy Hour Event

    August 2, 2012 @ 5-8pm
    Bethesda, MD

    E.D.G.E. - Sharpening the Next Generation of CPAs

    August 8 - 10, 2012
    Orlando, FL

    Young Professionals Happy Hour at Rooney's

    August 8th, 2012
    Long Branch, NJ

    AICPA Women's Global Leadership Summit

    October 17 - 18, 2012
    Boston, MA

    Career Management

    How to Respond to a Negative Online Review
    More of us search and find advice online for restaurants, services, and leisure activities. But what happens when it hits too close to home and your company gets a negative review?  How do you respond to a negative review?

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    Just Say It! Hello, Guten Tag, Shalom, Hola
    How hard is to say hello or good morning to someone you don’t know? Why is this important, especially if there’s no immediate perceived benefit? You might be surprised. What do you have to lose?  

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    Work–Life Balance

    Are YOU the Problem?
    Sometimes, you are your own worst enemy. At work or in your personal life, what is it about you that is causing the problem? Here are some tips on how to gain respect without losing your identity.

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    Get Involved

    Three ethics resources for CPA, CGMAs
    With the importance of ethics and non-financial reporting rising on the global agenda, CGMAs are in a unique position to make an important contribution to creating a sustainable ethical operating environment. The AICPA and CIMA have developed a number of resources to assist CPA, CGMAs in guiding their organizations to long-term sustainability and success. The Ethical reflection checklist is designed to provide organizations and individuals with an overview of how well ethical practices are embedded in the business. The CGMA case study: Navigating ethical issues highlights issues related to non-disclosure at the corporate level that come to the attention of non-executive financial managers and controllers. Responding to ethical dilemmas: CGMA ethics resources provides links to resources to help CGMAs navigate ethical dilemmas and respond in a manner that upholds their professional standards.

    Announcing a new member category for non-CPA finance, accounting, law, and academic professionals
    For the first time, AICPA is extending membership to all financial professionals, not just CPAs, with our new Non-CPA Associate Membership. Encourage your employees and colleagues to join and take advantage of all the benefits AICPA membership offers. It will give them the resources they need to stay competitive and help elevate their careers to the next level. Benefits of membership include access to member-only content on, discounted AICPA member insurance programs, career resources, $300 off each conference registration and much more. Learn about the requirements to become a Non-CPA Associate or join today. Join before July 31, 2012, and save 50% off a full year of membership.

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