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    2013 Leadership Academy
    The application deadline for the 2013 Leadership Academy is May 31st. The event will be held at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham, NC across from the main campus of Duke University. Where else can you visit with the CEO and Chairman of the AICPA, earn over 35 CPE credits and network with like-minded young professionals from around the United States? Watch the video posted to the left and learn more about the Academy here. To apply for the 2013 Leadership Academy click here. Don’t wait until last minute!
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    Masters’ Degrees Defined After achieving a degree in accounting and now working full time, would you have the time and energy to go back to school? In today’s job market and in the real world, what kinds of benefits will a master’s degree bring and what kind of degree should you get? In this article, we explore the pros and cons of getting an advanced education with insight from a key AICPA staff expert and a human capital director at an accounting firm.
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    How to Sell a “Big Idea” to Management You’re sitting on an idea that might save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars, bring in new clients and customers, or provide some other kind gain, but how to do you communicate it to management? Here are some selling techniques on how to get the all-important “consensus,” as well as some observations on how to garner recognition and respect.
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    Coach: Put Me in the Game! The concept of “life coaches” isn’t new, but it may be somewhat foreign to young CPAs who think it’s too soon in their career to even think about hiring a coach. Without realizing it, now may be the very best time to get the kind of advice you can use to improve your career prospects and long-term strategy. Here’s what you need to know about getting a coach that fits your needs.
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    Journal of Accountancy Seeking Young CPA Feedback
    The Journal of Accountancy needs your help. You are invited to join a feedback group that completes a monthly electronic survey critiquing the JofA and may also be asked to take part in occasional surveys about other topics and/or participate in roundtable discussions. If interested, please e-mail Amelia Rasmus at by Monday, June 10
    E.D.G.E Conference
    The 4 elements of growing into your career as a CPA:
    This conference gives you the strategies and skills needed to succeed as you start out in your career. The sessions are designed to help you make the transition to manager/supervisor and include training on interpersonal and communication skills, as well as information on how to build and maintain your personal brand. You’ll receive core training on tax, accounting & auditing, and financial/estate planning. Don’t miss the conference designed to give you an EDGE on your career. Follow this link to find out more.
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    A Practitioner’s Guide to IT General Controls: Reducing Audit Risk by Effectively Assessing Internal Controls in Computerized Environment
    Wednesday, May 22
    1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

    This session will explore core internal control concepts with a focus on the impact of IT controls on reducing audit risks to acceptable levels.
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    IT Audits & What to Pay Attention To
    Wednesday, June 19
    1:00 PM - 3:30 PM (ET)

    This session will provide a participant with an understanding of (1) how effective data management can add value to an entity, (2) how to recognize opportunities associated with the use of IT to modify processes and improve the use of resources, (3) techniques to make better use of available data for effective decision-making, and (4) how to use data analysis and reporting concepts for evaluating performance and achieving an entity's goals and objectives.
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    Smart Data Management: Lifeblood of the Enterprise - Data Storage, Retrieval, and Analysis with Business Intelligence
    Wednesday, June 5
    1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

    This session will cover the different types of IT audits a CITP may be asked to perform and whether they are appropriate for your organization.
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    2013 AICPA National Business Valuation School II
    June 24-28, 2013 - Denver, CO - Attend the one-week school that provides theories, applications, best practices, and hot-button controversies on business valuation as an important part of the ABV exam pathway.
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    2013 AICPA National Business Valuation School III
    July 15-19, 2013 - New York, NY - Attend the one-week school that provides theories, applications, best practices, and hot-button controversies on business valuation as an important part of the ABV exam pathway.
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    2013 AICPA Emerging Partner Training Forum
    Managers on the firm partner track or new partners/owners with five or few years of experience may be interested in the 2013 Emerging Partner Training Forum held in Durham, NC, and New York, NY, June 24-25, 2013. This forum teaches firm partners to recognize prospective leaders and develop their full potential by preparing them for responsibility and leadership. Attendees will go beyond the day-to-day practice rituals and gain invaluable perspective on a full range of management issues critical to their firm’s survival and growth in today’s competitive marketplace. These forums schools also offer 15.5 CPE credits, and discounted CPE is available for purchase.
    AICPA Resources
    Free AICPA social media user guides available It's time to use social media, the fastest growing marketing medium, to your advantage. The AICPA has developed a set of user guides to help you learn more about the professional benefits that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging offer your CPA practice. You'll find guides with steps for getting started, best practices and tips for effectively starting a conversation with clients and prospective clients on the CPA Marketing Toolkit.
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    New report from AICPA and CIMA highlights skills and talents needed for success In today’s quickly changing economy, CPAs, CGMAs play an important role in helping their organizations meet strategic objectives and build sustainable business models. These individuals reach beyond the more traditional finance focus and, as a result, need to demonstrate advanced and unique capabilities to progress in their careers. Fast Track to Leadership, a new report from the AICPA and CIMA, features global interviews and round tables that capture the changing requirements in skills, experience and behaviors that will help CPAs, CGMAs to identify challenges and develop an action plan to maximize opportunities. Download the report from
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    Three ethics resources for CPA, CGMAs With the importance of ethics and non-financial reporting rising on the global agenda, CGMAs are in a unique position to make an important contribution to creating a sustainable ethical operating environment. The AICPA and CIMA have developed a number of resources to assist CPA, CGMAs in guiding their organizations to long-term sustainability and success. The Ethical reflection checklist is designed to provide organizations and individuals with an overview of how well ethical practices are embedded in the business. The CGMA case study: Navigating ethical issues highlights issues related to non-disclosure at the corporate level that come to the attention of non-executive financial managers and controllers. Responding to ethical dilemmas: CGMA ethics resources provides links to resources to help CGMAs navigate ethical dilemmas and respond in a manner that upholds their professional standards.
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