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If you're a CPA 35 or younger, it's vital to have an organization that supports the advancement of your career.  And while joining the AICPA isn't a requirement for becoming part of the Young CPA Network, many of our initiatives are designed for AICPA members.

The Young CPA Network provides you with an opportunity to build and really connect to a peer networking group with the AICPA as your professional home.

  • Discounts on business and personal insurance
  • Conference discounts (including EDGE)
  • Eligibility for the AICPA Leadership Academy
  • Access to the latest news and publications including the EDGE newsletter
  • Member Discount Program, including travel, technology and more
  • CPE and professional development resources
  • Advocacy on behalf of the profession
  • Volunteer opportunities with over 180 groups

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Regular Membership
  Associate Membership

You currently or previously held a valid CPA certificate or license
You have passed the CPA Exam but are not yet certified/licensed as a CPA
AICPA Associate Membership                               
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  AICPA Associate Membership                            
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CPA Exam Candidate Affiliate
  Student Affiliate

You are either in the process of taking the CPA Exam or intend to sit for the exam

  You are a full- or part-time student enrolled in a college or university
AICPA Associate Membership   
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  AICPA Associate Membership                             
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