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Our Specialized Guidance and Resources provide you information and practical tools on emerging, trending, and niche tax topics, such as tax reform, the Affordable Care Act, and international/global tax complexities. We understand you need the latest information in these specialized areas to advise your clients, even in uncertain times. The AICPA is dedicated to being your home for comprehensive coverage of all important tax issues.

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Featured Resources

Tax Reform Resource Center

Tax Reform Resource Center

Keeps you informed of what has been proposed or passed in Congress, and will be updated frequently with news, analysis, and the information you need to understand how coming changes will affect you and your clients.

Foreign National Tax Resources

As taxpayers conduct their business on a more global basis, CPAs need to be prepared to assist them. Use our guidance and tools to serve your international clients.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Resources 

Recent legislative focus has been on repealing the ACA and instituting replacement healthcare legislation. Stay up to date on this issue by using our guidance and tools.  



  • AICPA National Tax Conference, Nov. 6 - Nov. 7 (Washington, D.C. or virtual): Brings leading tax practitioners and key government officials together to present differing and shared positions for a thoughtful review of potential scenarios, tax priorities, and a pulse check of the ever-changing tax landscape.

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