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News Alert! Delaware and Massachusetts calendar year C corporation returns are due before the April 18 federal due date. See the DE website for automatic extension information and the MA website for late-filing penalty relief.


Due dates
 for many tax returns are changing. These new tax deadlines will hopefully improve return workflow and workload compression, but require tax practitioners to educate their clients and implement new practice management processes. This page provides the guidance and tools to help you comply with tax return due dates and maximize workflow productivity. 

For more information about our advocacy work on this topic, see AICPA Due Dates Legislation Advocacy Efforts.

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tax return due dates

tax return due dates

tax return due dates

Tax Deadlines
Summary Chart 

Lists the new tax return due dates (original and extended), broken out by return type.

New! C Corporation Due Dates Quick Reference Chart 

Provides a summary of the original and extended due dates for Form 1120 effective for taxable years beginning after Dec. 31, 2015.

New Tax Return Due Dates:
What You Need to Know

Need clarity on tax return due dates? Get a brief recap in this video as the AICPA tax team walks through key changes and offers practice management tips.

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Reviewed March 3, 2017


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