Clients & Relationship Building

Clients & Relationship Building 

Build and strengthen your team’s relationship skills!

  • Equip each individual with essentials to intensify trusted relationships while forging new ones
  • Focus on preparing future leaders by developing and strengthening soft skills
  • Understand the importance of networking and effective communication with clients and peers

Start HereWhy Transition Guide
This guide outlines why relationship building is important at all levels in the firm. From internally with peers and mentors to externally with clients and prospects, learn why this age-old skill will continue to be important as you groom future leaders and manage client expectations.

Networking Tools

Clients & Relationship Building

Networking Policy and Procedures Template 
Develop or modify and improve a unified firm-wide networking program

Networking Preparation and Tips
Complete an exercise and review tips on articulating value and having successful "small talk"

Relationship-Building Tracker and Report Out
Use the firm-wide tracker and individual report-out form used to define networking goals and expectations, track connections and progress, and report back

Value of Networking PowerPoint 
Introduce a new or improved networking program to your firm 

The Followup Framework
Followup with new connections using this system by social triggers

Managing Client Expectations and Relationships Tools

Communication Style Assessment
Complete a short assessment used to adapt to different communication methods 

Client Communication Preferences
Document and manage client communication expectations 

Client Communication Strategies PowerPoint
Train on client service and communication principals 



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