Succession Planning Guide & Tools  

According to the AICPA's 2012 Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) Succession Survey, only 46% of multi-owner firms and 6% of sole practitioners have a written succession plan. The Succession Planning Guide and Tools provides the resources firms need to make their firms succession-ready and is available at no cost to PCPS member firms. It incorporates a variety of succession scenarios that practitioners can work through, including: selling the firm, merging the firm, developing new leadership and transitioning with retiring partners.

This material has been developed from a big-picture, holistic perspective to help practitioners effectively address their succession management needs. While you may find some value in just reading a chapter or two and skipping around in the material on this site, we strongly recommend that you at least skim all of the material on this site to help create a better context for your decision making process.

Succession Planning Resource Center Roadmap 

Quick Start Guide

Succession Resource Center Chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Drivers of Change for the CPA Profession
  3. Positioning Your Firm
  4. Selling Your Firm
  5. Merging Your Firm
  6. Developing New Leaders
  7. Turning Out the Lights
  8. Transition Roles and Responsibilities
  9. What is the Value of Your Firm
  10. Due Diligence
  11. Key Elements to a Partnership Agreement
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