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Veteran Fast Launch Initiative 

Veteran Fast Launch InitiativeThe AICPA has joined forces with SCORE in the Veteran Fast Launch Initiative  to connect veterans with CPAs across the country.  CPAs have an opportunity to volunteer and provide up to five hours of free financial advice to veterans on starting or growing their business. 


  • SCORE’s Veteran Fast Launch Initiative website provides veterans with a link to the AICPA’s CPA Volunteer Directory.  Each veteran will have the option to select the CPA or CPA firm of their choice.  The veteran will make the initial contact to their selected CPA.
  • AICPA members have access to the Veteran Fast Launch Initiative Toolkit.  This toolkit includes a customizable guide for veteran clients, sample press release, and web sticker for CPAs to promote their volunteerism in their local communities.
  • Read more about this initiative in the initial press release, the Journal of AccountancyaccountingWEB, and NYSSCPA. If you are interested in volunteering, email us and  include “CPA Volunteer for Fast Launch” in the subject line.
  • Don’t forget to refer your small business clients to helpful resources at the SBA! And be sure to note the SBA's new measures to help get small business loans into the hands of veterans. 


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