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    PCPS Membership 

    PCPS Power upWhat is PCPS? PCPS is an add-on firm membership section within the AICPA, bringing together CPAs running an accounting practice.

    What does PCPS do? PCPS eases the burden of navigating developments in the accounting profession and determines their potential impact on your practice and clients. PCPS engages with CPA firm owners to understand the pain points. This knowledge is foundational to the turnkey tools and solutions that PCPS delivers.

    Why? PCPS is dedicated to helping CPAs run their practice more smoothly, advancing the profession and improving the professional lives of CPAs. 

    How? The PCPS team, guided by the passion and expertise of volunteer CPA practitioners, addresses topics most important to your practice. We develop supporting resources that help you keep up with the changes in standards and regulations, strategies for plotting your firm’s direction and support for the everyday intricacies of running a practice.

    What makes PCPS different? PCPS comprises a team of experienced CPAs who are constantly engaging with firms of various sizes to understand their unique needs. Representing sole practitioners, small, medium and large firms, PCPS provides a strong collective voice in the profession.

    Power up with PCPS.  Look to PCPS to guide your practice through complexities and provide practical solutions to today’s challenges. Confidently move forward and spend more energy on what matters most to you – increased firm performance and more time to cultivate relationships.

    Costs: PCPS firm membership is based on the number of full-time CPAs employed at your firm; $35.00 per CPA per year up to a maximum of $700.00. All staff is eligible for the benefits and discounts of PCPS membership.

    If you are already a PCPS member and have a question regarding your membership, please contact us at 800.CPAFIRM.

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