Recruiting and Prospecting

Recruiting and Prospecting  

After you know the headcount and skills the firm is seeking for the future, you can look for and find team members that demonstrate those skills. In this section, you will learn how to keep the pipeline full through prospecting, while promoting the accounting profession at the same time. You will also gain insight into various recruiting strategies to find candidates, including on campus recruiting, internships, and experienced hire recruiting. In addition to learning, the section contains numerous tools to assist you in achieving recruiting success.

Recruiting and Prospecting Learning

Review and practice the learning guidance in this section to help you learn how to tie all of the related Recruiting and Prospecting pieces together.


Recruiting and Prospecting Tools Make use of the practical tools provided in this section to help every member of your team.


Recruiting and Prospecting Articles Review the insightful articles in this section to help you learn more about Recruiting and Prospecting.
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