Retaining Top Talent

10 Initiatives for Employee Engagement 

"We need and want our emerging leaders to make the choice to stay with the firm.  The key’s to making that choice are in retention and motivation.  Employee retention is creating strategies to keep the best and the brightest.  It is the ability to connect the firm needs with the passion of the individual. "
~Sandra Willey

These tools support the concepts outlined in the new publication, The Engaged Employee: 10 Initiatives for Successful Firms ($10 off for PCPS members!)

Introduction  What is Employee Engagement

Start here to assess your firm’s current level of employee engagement.

Initiative #1 – Let Them See the Big Picture
Initiative #2 – Get Them Involved

Initiative #3 – Standardize for Engagement

Proposal and Profitability

Initiative #4 – Remote Work

Initiative #5 – Community Involvement





Initiative #6 – Difficult Conversations

Initiative #7 – Gratitude

Initiative # 8 – Technology

Initiative #9 – Work and Life Integration

Initiative #10 – Learning Culture

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