Young/Emerging CPA Financial Planners

What Does it Take to Become a CPA Financial Planner? 

Good with numbers?  Enjoy interacting with people?  Like to have a positive impact on others?  Want to own your own business and gain financial independence? Have an interest in personal finance?  A career as a CPA financial planner or Personal Financial Specialist may be right for you!

For more information on starting or growing your business to cover your clients' personal financial planning needs, visit the PFP Practice Center for resources.

Start Here, Go Places This Way to CPA Young CPA Network

Resources on accounting careers, finding accounting jobs, learning accounting skills, and more

Information for college students who have their sights set on becoming a CPA

A vital community for young and aspiring CPAs to seek answers and advice

Resources for Young Advisers Network

Individuals, families and business owners are in need of objective advice, which CPA financial planners are best positioned to provide given the profession’s long-standing regulatory framework, the Code of Professional Conduct, universally recognized for the qualities of integrity, objectivity, due care and competence and through enforceable guidance in the delivery of PFP services, AICPA Statement on Standards in PFP Services.

5 Steps to a Career as a CPA Financial Planner

Resources for Students & Professors
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