Office Productivity Tools - PDAs and Smartphones 

    With PDAs and Smart Phones, the first question is: What is your primary purpose for owning one? The second question is: What type of email network are you on? If your primary purpose for having a device is email communication, and you are on a corporate email network, Blackberry is still a popular choice. It is an adequate phone, but an excellent email device. If you are not on a corporate email system, and you want a good email device, the iPhone from Apple and AT&T is enticing. In addition to email, it browses the web nicely too, and new applications are appearing for it almost daily. The iPhone is an excellent device, but it is available exclusively on the AT&T wireless network, which is overtaxed in certain areas of the country, so if you want one, be sure to test coverage before you commit to a long term contract.

    Smartphones powered by Google’s Android operating system are now available from all four major wireless providers. Many of the Android phones rival those of Apple in their technical wizardry. They look particularly attractive for heavy Gmail and Google App users.

    One fundamental question you have to ask yourself is: “Do I want to be on call all the time?” If you have email capability on your phone, and your clients know it, they will expect you to respond almost instantaneously whenever they email you. Think about that before showing your new iPhone or Android phone to your clients!

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