Acknowledgments - Proposed Statement on Standards in Personal Financial Planning Services 

    The AICPA PFP Division would like to thank the following volunteers and staff, past and present, who have contributed so much more than hours of service, but unparalleled knowledge, sincere camaraderie, and unwavering steadfastness to the profession.

    Responsibilities in Personal Financial Planning Services Subcommittee
    Clark Blackman II, Past Chair - PFP Executive Committee and Past Chair - Subcommittee
    Dirk Edwards, Past Chair - PFP Executive Committee and Chair - Subcommittee
    Richard Fohn, Past Chair - PFP Executive Committee
    Charles Kowal, Past Member - PFP Executive Committee

    Personal Financial Planning Services Standards Review Task Force
    Dirk Edwards, Chair
    Nancy Hyde, Tax Practice Responsibilities Committee
    Anthony King, PCPS Executive Committee
    David McIntee, PCPS Executive Committee
    William Pirolli, Past Chair - PCPS Executive Committee
    Thomas Purcell, Tax Practice Responsibilities Committee
    Norma Schrock, Vice Chair - Tax Practice Responsibilities Committee

    AICPA Staff
    Anthony Pugliese, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    Michael Buddendeck, General Counsel
    Edward Karl, Vice President, Taxation
    James Metzler, Vice President, Small Firm Interests; Public Practice and Global Alliances
    Jeannette Koger, Director, Member Specialization & Credentialing
    Andrea Millar, Senior Technical Manager, Personal Financial Planning Division
    Sarah Bradley, Manager, Personal Financial Planning Division

    Responsibilities in Personal Financial Planning Practice Task Force (2008-2010)
    John Connell
    Brent Lipschultz
    Jerry Love
    Randy Ryan
    Scott Sprinkle
    Kenneth Strauss

    Personal Financial Planning Practice Responsibilities Subcommittee (1991-1994)
    Michele Bourgerie
    William Brennan
    Susan Comeau
    John Connell
    Eric Dahlhauser
    Dirk Edwards
    Robert Fasani  Dennis Fowler
    William Mears
    Gregg Ritchie
    Kevin Roach
    Virginia Stanley
    Terry Stock

    Personal Financial Planning Member Services Subcommittee (1988-1996)
    Jerry Allison
    Robert Barbacane
    Jennifer Baron
    Robert Batty
    Clark Blackman II
    Kristianne Blake
    Michele Bourgerie
    Connie Brezik
    Carver Clinton
    Lester Detterbeck
    Lori Dodson
    Dirk Edwards
    Robert Fasani
    Frank Ferraro
    A. Ellett Fields
    Dennis Fowler
    Barton Francis
    Mitchell Freedman
    Beth Gamel
    Nicholas Houle
    Ann Jevne
    David Karr
    Robert Lees
    Alan Legatz
    Ronald Linder
    James Littlefield
    James Martin
    Francis McKeon
    William Mears
    Donald Meidinger
    John Mullen
    Lisa Osofsky
    Glenn Pape
    David Parsons
    Kevin Roach
    Alan Rothstein
    Martin Satinsky
    Howard Schnoll
    Robert Sellers
    Terry Stock
    Steven Strauss
    Martha Sutherland-Wright
    J. Ben Vernazza
    Steven Walker
    Stuart Zimmerman

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