Disaster Financial Issues

Disaster Financial Issues 

Whether natural or man-made, disasters usually strike quickly and without warning. Routines can be shattered, jobs disrupted, properties destroyed and loved ones lost. What should you do next? What can you do to plan for the next time? You and your family may have little or no time to decide what to do. That's why it is so important to plan for the possibility of a disaster as well as plan for recovery afterward.

Disasters not only take an emotional toll, they take a financial toll as well. The recovery section will help you regain a sense of financial balance following a disaster by helping you take the required steps to get through the initial hardship as well as what steps to take to begin planning again for the future.


Tools and Resources

Disasters and Financial Planning
is a comprehensive, interactive guide developed to help people take proactive steps to minimize the potential impact of disasters on their lives and financial well-being. The guide is divided into six sections covering topics such as making a disaster plan, and protecting your property, income and records. Each chapter includes brief, easy-to-follow checklists to help individuals and families take proactive steps to prepare for possible disaster in the future, and recover should disaster strike.

the six checklists from the guide to use with your clients.  The guide provides more detail on each item in the checklists.

The Red Cross Plan & Prepare is an on-line tool which complements the guides and assists you to plan and prepare for events at home, school, your workplace, types of emergency, more tools and resources as well as mobile apps. Additionally, they have a variety of downloadable mobile apps that can help with preparing for a disaster.

Review Tax Issues for People Affected by Disaster

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