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    Find an extensive suite of resources in practice management, tax, estate, retirement, risk management and investments. The personal financial planning resources section within the AICPA site helps members to keep up with the latest planning strategies and trends in personal financial planning services so that they can practice competently and profitably.
    PFP Online Professional Library
    OPL is a web-based collection of PFP guides that provides access to the information, guidance, and standards available to help members specializing in offering tax, estate, retirement, risk management and investment planning advice to individuals, families and business owners.
    Planning after ATRA and the Net Investment Income Tax Toolkit
    ATRA and NIIT have added more complexity to planning given that you now have to navigate through a multi-layer tax system in conjunction with running multi-year scenarios to gain a clear picture of the tax landscape in order to advise your clients on virtually all of their personal financial planning decisions.

    Jan 17-18. Explore nine personal financial planning business models and hear insights from successful CPAs who have built their practices to provide the highest value for their clients.

    The course is based on the comprehensive outline of topics covered on the PFS credential exam, so participants will receive from a broad understanding of how these topics interact with one another.

    Many CPA financial planners added financial planning services to their tax practices because their clients asked questions that went beyond taxes, including educating children, transferring wealth, protecting assets, funding retirement, etc.

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