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    December 2011  In this issue...
    • Practice Management: The AICPA PFP Division is making it much easier for CPAs to get into the financial planning business with a partnership with Fox Financial Planning Network.
    • Portfolio Management:  Maggie Carpenter questions all the assumptions on which we've built our long-term equity return estimates, and then offers an interesting solution.
    • Practice Management: The good news is that the top-quartile planning practices aren't running their firms much differently from the way you are. The better news is that small changes can lead to dramatic results.

    November 2011  In this issue...
    • Portfolio Management: A panel discussion offered remarkable insights into the investment markets and the current state of the economy.
    • Practice Management: A deep look at succession planning that could have you rethinking your own plans.
    • The Profession: Check out the AICPA's PFP conference--if you dare.
    • Practice Management: How two advisors are using iPads in their practices.
    • Portfolio Management: What does Morningstar's Don Phillips think about gold and dividend investing?
    • Parting Thoughts: The difference between SEC enforcement against independent RIAs and Wall Street has become too obvious to ignore.

    October 2011  In this issue...
    • Practice Management: Interesting insights from the FPA’s annual convention - Is your experience getting in the way of your innovation? Borrow the best ideas of other industries. If we project future returns based on U.S. historical averages, are we overstating the future? The bond markets are dictating to European policymakers, and being dictated to by the Fed.
    • Portfolio Management: Two trends are coming together to create another one: Investing is get-ting more complicated, and more advisors are looking at smoothing returns with tactical management. The new trend? Larger advisory firms managing client portfolios for their peers.
    • Parting Thoughts:  What is the biggest challenge facing the advisory profession today? More importantly, what can we do about it?

    September 2011  In this issue....
    • Industry News:  David Loeper and his companies have been granted two patents on some processes which might look an awful lot like what you do as a matter of professional routine. Be prepared for a bit of a shock when you see the scope of the patents and the language in the first lawsuit filed to protect them.
    • Portfolio Management:  Here's how the rules seem to be changing in the investment marketplace--which helps explain the recent volatility.
    • Portfolio Management:  We hear a lot about innovative investment concepts and a new MPT. Gary Miller is pioneering how to put those ideas into actual client portfolios.
    • Parting Thoughts: Some universal lessons about client service suggest that the advisor profession has a long way to go.

    August 2011  In this issue….
    • Client Services: How to help your clients get the most of their career asset.
    • Portfolio Management: ERM is what MPT might have become if the advisory community had supported real debate on portfolio management issues.
    • Client Services: It's time to start providing advice on your clients' health insurance coverage-  which is increasingly linked to their financial lives.
    • Parting Thoughts: What's the real bias in the media, and how did it interfere with your recent budget and debt debate?

    July 2011  In this issue….
    • Coming Soon: Schwab's new Independent Branch Services division will begin opening up new offices all over the country-- staffed by advisors and breakaway brokers.
    • Practice Management: After you read this article, the succession planning dynamic will never look quite the same again.
    • Investing: Would you like to know how a Greek default would affect client portfolios? Or a new revolution in Saudi Arabia? Introducing the Bloomberg Terminal of the future--at a surprisingly affordable price.
    • Parting Thoughts: Should we stop lobbying for a universal fiduciary standard, and let Wall Street melt down capitalism all over again?

    June 2011 In this issue….
    • Practice Management: What's the best way to facilitate staff development and internal delegation? Start by creating clear checklists of what you expect.
    • The Profession: David Gergen expresses his disappointment with our political culture, and outlines three immediate problems the U.S. needs to solve.
    • The Profession: What can we do about preventing the brokerage firms from running amok again?
    • Practice Management: Management lessons from Disney, a tour of your clients' minds, and how to stay resilient.
    • Parting Thoughts: Hidden conflicts buried in our asset management debates.

    May 2011 In this issue...
    • Practice Management: A detailed look at how to address potentially the most complicated challenge facing many advisors today – succession planning.
    • The Profession: How one firm will put on more than 100 local conferences this year—and improve the exhibitor/advisor connection.
    • Portfolio Management: One of the newest mutual funds on the market is also one of the most unusual: it focuses almost exclusively on downside protection.
    • Parting Thoughts: Do advisors have a responsibility, as fiduciaries, to shine some light on shelfspace arrangements?

    April 2011 In this issue...
    • Client Services: How client services are evolving, and how to offer pre-financial planning service.
    • Practice Management: New Planner Recruiting will take all the chores of hiring your next advisor off your desk--and guarantee the results.
    • Practice Management: A new software program hunts through your PortfolioCenter client files to cleanse it of errors.

    March 2011  In this issue....
    • Tech Trends: Look for more dimensions of software integration, dramatically easier user interfaces, mobile devices used for business purposes--and be prepared to collaborate with your clients on the planning work.
    • Practice Management: How to evaluate and build portfolios from an econometric perspective--and some new measures of risk.
    • Portfolio Management: Here's a portfolio manager whose new fund goes three interesting steps beyond traditional value investing.
    • Parting Thoughts: Share your most ridiculous SEC examination citations, and together, let's make an important point.

    February 2011  In this issue....
    • Portfolio Theory: What's wrong with Modern Portfolio Theory? It could be the way we derive our inputs.
    • Client Services: A list of today's hottest planning topics, and what some national experts are saying about them.
    • Practice Management: Why the old management techniques won't work in the future.
    • Parting Thoughts: A critical summary of the SEC's regulatory harmonization proposals to Congress.
    • Parting Thoughts: Why is the FPA offering tips on cold calling--and what message that sends to the membership and the outside communities.

    January 2011  In this issue...
    • The Profession: The AICPA's PFP meeting in Las Vegas will remind the profession that we're moving along two designation tracks.
    • Practice Marketing:  Instead of creating your service menu and mar­keting package in isolation, get and use actual client feedback--via focus groups and a client advisory board.
    • Practice Marketing: Forget everything you think you know about referrals, and then read this new report.
    • Portfolio Management: Here's a quick peek at what might replace Modern Portfolio Theory in client portfolios.
    • Parting Thoughts: When we reflect on ourselves and the world around us this New Year's, it may be time to think bigger.

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