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October 2017 In this issue...

  • Power Practice Management: Learn to develop leaders, and recognize that retaining employees means creating a great work culture.
  • Practice Management: How to create a true culture of compliance. 
  • Client Services: Now you can offer professional advice through the complexities of Medicare, with the help of the new i65 tool.
  • Parting Thoughts: There may never be a better time to engage the states and NASAA members on model fiduciary and financial planning regulation.

September 2017 In this issue...

  • The Awful Consequences of Non-Fiduciary Advice
  • Portfolio Management: A free website helps clients understand the value of diversification, and lets you explore choices.
  • Client Services: The new Whealthcare tool makes end of life planning easy.
  • Parting Thoughts: Can we define fiduciary recommendations under DOL as something other than simply index funds and ETFs? And let's force CFP advisors to disclose if they're arguing in arbitration that they're just sales agents.

August 2017  In this issue...

  • Quantifying Your Value: We now have an inventory of what financial planners are charging their clients. But what is the value of what they're providing?
  • Practice Management:  The new value proposition for clients, and the software challenge for advisors.
  • Practice Management: Tips and techniques to help you build and manage a top-level operations team.
  • Parting Thoughts: Muchneeded clarity on how a fiduciary standard relates to active portfolio management. And: A more emotional value statement for financial planners to use in talking with clients.


July 2017  In this issue...
  • A Stand for Fiduciary: Here’s a brief tour of the Code of Ethics and Practice Standards for CFP Professionals.
  • Management Power Tools: Here's a first look at Pershing Advisor Solutions' new Assessment and Metrics evaluators, and how they can turn novice managers into pros.
  • Life Management Portals: The traditional client portal--for performance statements--is morphing into something much more useful and comprehensive.
  • Parting Thoughts: Conflicts in the “News” 

Inside Information: Life Management Portals

June 2017
  In this issue ...
  • Fiduciary VAs?: A traditional life insurance company has introduced a line of fee-only variable annuities for fiduciary advisors to consider.
  • Investing: Warning signs that a bear market may be closer than we might expect.
  • Investing: Don Phillips talks about his career--and how the fund industry has become so prosperous.
  • Practice Management: How to set and achieve personal and team goals.
  • Parting Thoughts: The power of coaching is the awesome power of human potential

Inside Information: Setting and Achieving

Inside Information:  2017 Planning Profession Fee Survey

May 2017
  In this issue...
  • An App for That: Inside Information readers offer their favorite nontraditional software programs and apps for productivity and efficiency
  • Blueleaf: On-demand client performance reports
  • Assemblage: Automated PDF Collating
  • File This: The automated statement grabber
  • BaseCamp and Process-Composer: Create and install workflows
  • PreciseFP: Eliminate redundant keyboarding
  • Parting Thoughts: Our cyborg future

April 2017 In this issue...
  • The Millennial Model: Here are two advisors who are figuring out how to provide financial planning services—profitably—to clients that other firms are turning away.
  • Client Services: The case for HELOCs.
  • Practice Management: A very expensive lesson.
  • Estate Planning: Beware VAs in IRAs.
  • Practice Management: A new cybersecurity tool.
  • Client Services: The charitable inheritance.
  • Parting Thoughts: Fiduciary for CFPs?

March 2017 In this issue...
  • A quick review of the tech world on display at the T3 Advisor Conference.
  • Conferences: Practice conscious simplicity, and prepare yourself for exponential growth and a lot of disruption in the American economy. 
  • Portfolio Management: First Ascent Asset Management is doing something truly revolutionary: following a new trend in the advisor space.
  • Parting Thoughts: The debate over "fake" vs. "real" news is playing with fire in our society--not to mention denigrating my profession.

February 2017 In this issue...
  • The Great Stall (and Our Invisible Obstacles): What has caused the profession’s growth to suddenly slow down? Stephanie Bogan and an all-star cast of consultants offer their analysis.
  • Practice Management: Prominent consultants offer their prescriptions for The Great Stall
  • Conferences: Highlights of the AICPA Personal Financial Planning Summit.
  • Parting Thoughts: SIFMA and other sales organizations confirm that they're in the sales business, on the record.

January 2017  In this issue...
  • Inefficient Market Theory: active fund manager are quietly talking about the best investing environment of their careers.  Credit the fund flows into ETFs and passive investments.
  • Practice Management: How to use engagement standards with clients, your business and practically anything else.
  • Client Services: A truly holistic financial planning service includes coaching and career asset management.
  • Parting Thoughts: How we're winning the big war behind all the battles that our profession has been losing.
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