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December 2016 In this issue...
  • Fee-Only Prosperity: CEO of the U.K.'s equivalent of FINRA says that his country's fee-only advice environment has actually been quite good for business.
  • Conferences: Practical insights into how to build your emotional intelligence.
  • Practice Management: How to merge ops teams and build ops leadership.
  • Client Services: Helping clients prepare for a variety of end-of-life issues.
  • Parting Thoughts: Julie Littlechild's new book offers some insights into how to recapture the passion and job satisfaction that fuels the profession.

November 2016 In this issue...
  • Masterful Delegation: Chances are, the traits that enabled you to build a successful practice will make it harder for you to leverage your skills as the practice becomes a business.
  • Practice Management: Under DOL, even fee-only fiduciaries have to change how they work with clients.
  • Client Services: How one advisor created a support group to help people overcome the trauma of retirement.
  • Estate Planning: Most clients will need income tax planning for their estates.
  • Parting Thoughts: The real value of journalism is surprisingly structured like the best financial planning.

October 2016 In this issue...
  • The Engagement Revolution: A variety of trends are telling us that something needs to change. Here’s not only what, but how.
  • Practice Management: True North Consultants is fighting a long, hard battle against ransomware.
  • The Profession: The HIFON study group for operations professionals is an endless source of insight and answers.
  • Parting Thoughts: Should the CFP Board rethink its boundaries on issuing CE credits?

September 2016 In this issue...

  • Unintended Custody: A clause in many custodial account agreements could have some troubling ramifications for your RIA firm.
  • LTCI Revisited: A new LTC contract has come on the market that might answer some client objections about cost and stability. 
  • Linking Planning and Financial Organization: Planners who use eMoney Advisor say they’re able to develop deeper, stickier relationships with their clients.
  • The Trust Opportunity: Financial planners can help their clients shift from an 800-number service relationship to personal service on their trust assets—and pay less in the bargain.
  • Parting Thoughts: Recovering the Passion-It seems clear that the powerful driving passion that created the profession has suddenly gone missing in action at two of the three financial planning-oriented membership organizations.

August 2016 In this issue...
  • Waiting at the Door: Most planning firms seem to be hesitant about adopting robo-technology. But the waiting period is about to end.
  • Practice Management: Joel Bruckenstein discusses the obstacles to implementing robotechnology.
  • Practice Management: What technologies are the Millennial planners using?
  • The Profession: Take the test with your merger partner--and then prepare for a deeper dive into who you both are.
  • Parting Thoughts: The new FINRA chair may already be embarrassed by the organization's consumer protections.

July 2016  In this issue....
  • Ops Productivity: Instead of looking at the completion time of tasks, look at more subjective measures, like affirmatively searching for opportunities for process improvement and a passion for client service.
  • Practice Management: Managing your equity by Tim Kochis. Managing your cash from Max My Interest. Better screening tools from YCharts.
  • Client Services: A tool that helps you manage taxes as you provide distribution advice in retirement, and potentially save your clients millions.
  • Parting Thoughts: We're getting some very conflicted advice about how to handle conflicts of interest in light of the new DOL fiduciary rule.

June 2016 In this issue...
  • Portfolio Co-Creation Synopsis: Gibson Capital is developing a set of portfolio design tools that will help you collaborate with clients on their investment allocations.
  • Practice Management: Two new apps and a software system that will handle many compliance chores.
  • Client Services: How to provide special needs planning, and where to find help and guidance if you need it.
  • Parting Thoughts: How to sift through the nonsense coming out around the DOL's fiduciary rule, and a suggestion that the brokerage firms and BDs follow through on their promise not to work with smaller accounts.

May 2016 In this issue...
  • The Barriers in Your Future: A tour of the lifecycle of most financial planning firms, and how to negotiate the tough parts of the journey.
  • Practice Management: Insights from the SSG conference and elsewhere.
  • Investing: Looking for a new client niche? Consider public school employees.
  • Marketing: Introducing the most advisor-friendly 529 plan in the country.
  • Parting Thoughts: The DOL's principles-based fiduciary rule could set a trend: principles-based laws and regs, saving us millions of pages of paperwork.

April 2016  In this issue...
  • Talent Search: The planning profession is facing a huge recruiting challenge. Here are some of the best practices for winning your share of the talent.
  • Practice Management: How to master the financial metrics that are becoming an increasingly important tool for managing your firm.
  • Investing: Has something fundamentally changed about the commodities asset class?
  • Marketing: Introducing econometric marketing.
  • Parting Thoughts: A financial planner is running for Congress, hoping to give the profession a voice in public policy debates and create a financial plan for America.

March 2016  In this issue...
  • Software 2.0: The new breed of intelligence-enhanced software isn’t a threat; it’s simply the next evolution of tools to enhance your efficiency and top-line revenues.
  • Practice Management: Finance the first successor equity purchase at your advisory firm through a new program at Live Oak Bank
  • Conferences: TD Ameritrade is changing the conversation about advisors vs. brokers
  • Practice Management: Advyzon combines CRM, portfolio management and planning in one software package
  • Parting Thoughts: When is the SEC going to shut down the brokerage world's shameful shell game?

February 2016  In this issue...
  • Out of the Box and On the Money: Here’s a fresh look at how to keep clients on track for retirement, and keep them from overspending once they get there.
  • Investing: Max My Interest and Performance Trust have introduced new versions of their services for the RIA/planning community
  • Client Services: An inexpensive way to delegate complex Social Security planning--and the actual paperwork
  • Practice Management: How hard is it to convert years of client performance data?
  • Parting Thoughts: The next few years could represent the growth opportunity of a lifetime for your firm.

January 2016  In this issue...
  • The New Hub of Planning Academia: The CFP Board’s new Center for Financial Planning has been touted as a diversity initiative.  Here’s what’s really going on.
  • Cleaning Your Tank: How do you create a healthy, productive work environment?  Hint: It’s not all about the compensation.
  • Parting Thoughts: The best financial planning-related books of the year


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