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In his e-columns, Bob Veres explores topics that help you serve your clients better, and create a more efficient, effective and profitable practice.

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August 17, 2017 - Custody in Flux
In this e-column, an article tries to make sense out of the new rules, and the good news is that, with a few adaptations, it looks like many advisors will be able to continue business as usual with moving client money around among accounts and having checks sent to them, without having to undergo the dreaded surprise audit.

June 5, 2017
- Achieving Absolute Engagement
In this e-column, an article on having the courage to achieve something better and more fulfilling with your career, and a roadmap to getting there if you dare is captured.

May 23, 2017
- The Other Side of the Equation
In the e-column, how to quantity the value of services provided to clients are discussed.

January 23, 2017: Regulators Amok, and the Proper Custodial Role
In this e-column, Bob Veres shares additional stories of regulatory overreach at the state or SEC level.

December 8, 2016:
The Checklist for Succession
In this e-column, Bob Veres compiles a checklist of the basic information that would need to be passed on to a successor of your business. 

September 7, 2016:
Magical Outcomes
In this e-column, Bob Veres discusses the real magic that comes when a financial planner executes a terrific outcome with a client.

July 11, 2016
: Evaluating Partner Performance
In this e-column, Bob Veres discusses the intricacies and importance of conducting formal performance evaluations on managers and partners.  He suggests some metrics and overarching themes that these individuals should be working to achieve, and then highlights a process of placing performance by percentiles.
March 8, 2016: The Cost of a Client
In this e-column, Bob Veres explains the results of a survey about paying for client referrals.   He invites you to take a quiz, created by MoneyGuidePro, seeking input into what makes a quality financial plan and some of the factors that make it hard to provide one to clients.

June 23, 2015:
Notes from the “Dark Cloud”
In this e-column, Bob Veres shares cybersecurity insights learned from a presentation at a recent conference from CNN’s National Security commentator and former Congressman, Mike Rogers. He addresses recent cyber-attacks and what advisers can do to protect themselves and their clients.
June 3, 2014: Windows Into The Future
In this e-column, Bob Veres outlines questions raised and addressed by his readers about the future of the advisory profession.  If you want to comment on any of them, please send Bob (bob@bobveres.com) your thoughts to help gain deeper perspective as he models where the profession is going.
  • First: why are we modeling the future now?  Is there any particular urgency?
  • Is succession planning really a crisis?
  • But isn't there still a talent shortage in the profession?
  • Will the merger trend create short-term turmoil in the profession?
  • Is the regulatory situation more threatening than is commonly realized?
  • Will future returns support today's retirement planning projections?
  • Is the asset management process likely to evolve in the future?
  • Is financial planning changing in some fundamental way?
  • Is the profession's revenue model changing?
  • Will the structure of the typical advisory firm change in the near future?

June 14, 2013:
Fiduciary Day
Bob Veres recaps the recent TD Ameritrade Fiduciary Leadership Summit. Veres writes that the SEC has been pressured by heavily-lobbied lawmakers to create a cost-benefit analysis before it issues any kind of fiduciary rulemaking, and that the SEC staff seems to be divided over whether to preserve the brokerage model and create rules around the fiduciary standard or to force wirehouses to change their business models to make recommendations only in the public’s best interest. Read the full report in this latest e-column from Veres, as well as the AICPA’s recent letter opposing a weakened fiduciary standard.

June 4, 2013:
Investment Issues to Ponder
In creating sessions and discussions and investment markets for the Insider’s Forum conference in September, Bob Veres requests your thoughts on the recent investment markets and interest rate environment. Bob invites you to read this e-column and share your perspective with him at bob@bobveres.com.

May 10, 2013:
The Fee Samples: A Report on Advisory Fee Structures in the Financial Planning/Advisor Profession
Responding to an Inside Information E-Column on advisory fees ("The Fee Conundrum") advisors from all over the U.S. marketplace provided information about their fee structures, including the amounts and how the fees were determined.

May 4, 2013:
The Fee Conundrum
The question of "how much should I charge?" looks extremely complicated when you consider the broad spectrum of services provided by financial planners and investment advisers. Bob Veres is requesting feedback from advisers, and invites you to share your perspective on a host of questions about fees you charge your clients to bob@bobveres.com
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