Peer Reviewers

Peer Review Mentoring Program 

Welcome to the Mentoring Program page!  Here you'll find all the details about the Mentoring Program, whether you are a potential or a qualified team captain.  The Mentoring Program allows a potential team captain (mentee) to meet their initial qualification requirements by working directly with a qualified team captain (mentor).

How does it work?
If you want to initially qualify as a team captain on a System Review, you have the option to demonstrate proficiency in the standards, interpretations, and guidance of the program by using practical peer review experience. Those who choose this option must complete the “How To” self-study course, the Competency Test, or Day 1 of the "How To" in live seminar format before undergoing mentoring. After mentoring is complete, you must submit evidence of significant participation as a team member on a System Review. This significant participation must be under the guidance of a qualified and approved existing team captain (mentor).

If you are a qualified team captain and you are interested in learning more about the Mentor Program, refer to the links under the box titled For Qualified Team Captains (Mentors). To apply to be an approved Peer Review Mentor, email with your name and member number under the subject line "Mentor Application".

If you are a potential team captain, you may choose to work directly with a qualified team captain and obtain "significant participation" in lieu of day 2 of the "How To" course.  For more information, see the links under the box titled For Potential Team Captains (Mentees). If you intend to choose this option, please see the detailed qualifications and seek out a mentor prior to foregoing the traditional live seminar two-day introductory course training option.

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