Professional Development 

    In today's market, having technical knowledge is not enough to make it. You must also have time-management skills, excellent communication skills, and a host of other competencies if you want to forge an effective, successful, and personally rewarding career. This section seeks to provide CPAs working in business and industry with the inspiration and guidance to accomplish these goals.


    Why add a Fifth Part to Your CPA Exam?

    Presentation Skills 101

    The Inside Track to Careers in Accounting

    CPAs as CFOs: Why You Should Have a CPA in Your C-Suite

    CPAs are uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of the evolving role of the CFO With today's emphasis on financial reporting and internal control, the CPA's education, commitment to integrity, and ethical conduct make the CPA an essential member of an organization's executive team. The White Paper CPAs as CFOs: Why You Should Have a CPA in Your C-Suite" discusses why a CPA is best qualified to lead an organization. Learn More>>

    News and Other Information 

    CPA Profiles Wanted for AICPA Student Recruitment Web site

    Last summer, the AICPA unveiled a major redesign of its student recruitment website, The new site allows students to create a FutureMe and envision themselves in any number of accounting careers. It also features a robust database of CPA profiles showcasing the breadth and diversity of the profession.

    We are still looking to feature current AICPA members. Do you have any unique, interesting or unusual hobbies or interests? Are you engaged in volunteer work that sets you apart? We need your help!

    Members who can capture the restless imaginations of today’s high school students and inspire them to become the next generation of CPAs are encouraged to submit a profile detailing their professional experience, and what makes them great role models for the profession. If you have photos – formal headshots, as well as casual photos, send them along too!

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