Educator Awards 

Accounting educators play a large part in influencing and preparing the future accounting professionals.

It is for that reason that the AICPA facilitates and bestows the following six awards to recognize outstanding curriculum and achievement as academic stewards to the accounting profession.

Effective Learning Strategies Curriculum Awards
The AICPA recognizes professors as champions of education and inspirers to thousands of college students. Professors are encouraged to submit their most innovative accounting course teaching techniques for the opportunity to earn an award.

There are three Effective Learning Strategies Awards professors can apply for:
Each innovative teaching lesson plan submitted will be considered for one award category. The finalist(s) in all three award categories will be asked to present their work at the American Accounting Association Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA), receive a plaque and an AICPA funded award totaling $2,500.

To apply for the Effective Learning Strategies Curriculum Award, first you must submit a proposal and be accepted to  present at the AAA for the Effective Learning Strategies poster session. The application is now closed. If you would like to apply for the next award season, please check back in January 2018.

Achievement Awards
AICPA Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award
The Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award recognizes full-time college accounting educators distinguished for excellence in teaching and for national prominence in the accounting profession.

AICPA/AAA Notable Contributions to Accounting Literature Award
Sponsored by the AAA and AICPA, this award recognizes outstanding articles, books, monographs, AICPA-sponsored research studies, and accounting literature appearing in other types of publications. Academic and practitioner nominations are welcome.

Please note: The nomination period for this year's Notable Contributions to Accounting Literature Award is now closed. The deadline for submissions was January 31, 2017.

AICPA/AAA Lifetime Contribution to Management Accounting Award
Sponsored by the AAA and AICPA, the Lifetime Contribution Award is to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to management accounting education, research and/or practice over a sustained period of time through scholarly endeavors, teaching excellence, educational innovation and/or service to the Management Accounting Section. The award extends profession-wide recognition to the recipient and promotes role models in management accounting. Nominations are due by September 1 of each year.

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