Tax Practitioner's Toolkit

How can you as a CPA deepen relationships with current clients and build new ones in the midst of increased competition? The answer is simple. Set your practice apart and project a clear, consistent message about the value you provide.  The Tax Practitioner’s Toolkit offers resources to position you as the premier provider of tax services while saving you money and time in the process.


Tax Season and Beyond

Why should someone choose your practice over any other? It’s critical that your practice identify its unique value - using both internal and client feedback - so it can be communicated  to current and prospective clients. These tools help you do just that.

Value-Centric Culture Checklist 
Implement these six steps to build a culture centered on the value you provide clients.

Overcoming Objections to Hiring a CPA [Talking Points]
Close the deal by preparing yourself and your staff with responses to potential questions or concerns. 

Client Satisfaction Survey
Gauge how clients view your service to see if any changes need to be made.
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A Snapshot of Tax Law for Your Turns

You’re far more than a CPA who does tax returns - make sure your clients know that! Offering them information about issues such as identity theft, the Affordable Care Act and tuition financing will encourage them to contact you for year-round services.

Identity Theft Recovery Action Steps [Checklist]
Comprehensive checklist for clients who have experienced ID theft.

Tax Law Snapshot
Concise overview of 2016 tax issues and rates that will affect upcoming returns.

What does an Extension Mean? [FAQs]
Answers to common questions and concerns from clients on tax extensions.
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Tuition Tips

Attracting new clients takes time – and money. From free presentations and tweets to brochures and ads, the Toolkit can to help you get your message out in digital and print channels, and brainstorm ways to expand services with existing clients.  

Social Media Marketing Ready-Made Tax Tweets & Posts
Boost your visibility on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook with posts that capture current tax topics and invite follow up.

Tips for Cross-Selling Services 
Use these ideas (and worksheet) to build deeper relationships with clients and link firm services to their goals and needs.

Preparing for Life's Most Important Moments [Brochure] 
Educate prospective clients about the advantages of working with a CPA and the types of year-round services CPAs provide.
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Distinguish your value with this detailed, easy-to-use implementation checklist tailored by practice size
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