The Tax Practitioner's Toolkit 

How can you as a CPA deepen relationships with current clients and build new ones in the midst of increased competition? The answer is simple. You need to set your practice apart and project a clear, consistent message about the value you provide. The Tax Practitioner’s Toolkit offers many resources to help you do just that – position you as the premier provider of tax services – while saving you money and time in the process.

Click the tabs to browse the Toolkit and find resources to:
  • Define your firm's value with tools such as talking points, online reputation tips and a checklist to build a culture that showcases value
  • Engage with clients by alerting them to important law changes, ACA rules, and common compliance pitfalls.
  • Promote your practice to prospective clients with a host of resources – print ads, cross-selling tips, a tax planning PPT, social media posts, and more

Tax practice marketing resources can also be found conveniently organized by firm size in the pages below if you prefer.

Get started by:

Ensuring the people you work with understand the value of your firm and the importance of reinforcing it in every client communication.

Reading the Nuts and Bolts of Making your Voice Heard to get a sense of how the Toolkit resources will work.

Then develop a program:

Distinguish your value with this detailed, easy-to-use implementation checklist tailored by practice size

Year-round - communicate your value to clients:

Learn how to demonstrate your expertise and value with Social Media User Guides. Get the basics on how Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs work.

Be ready when you hear objections to your fees and other concerns or questions with these talking points.

And remember to gauge your value externally:

Make sure your clients are happy with your services, using this annual client satisfaction survey.

Learn about the impact of Yelp reviews and how to respond to a negative comment with Help with Yelp: Tips to Protect Your Reputation Online.

Educate clients on key changes and tax saving strategies:

Send this year-end tax planning letter to individuals and business owners who need to minimize taxes for their 2015 return.

Offer clients the Tax Law Snapshot that highlights major tax provisions affecting individual and small businesses.

Start preparing business clients now for new return due dates with this client letter.

Prompt a larger conversation on year-round tax compliance and planning:

Identify areas where clients could benefit from additional services with these cross-selling tips and sample worksheet.

Reinforce your presence and tax planning expertise on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook with these tax posts; just add your practice name and url.

Help Clients Sort Through ID Theft and the Affordable Care Act

Small businesses will better understand the ACA’s impact on them with these FAQs. Alert business clients about what a large employer means under the ACA with this fact sheet - they may be surprised.

Individuals will continue to have questions about ACA as well - offer them answers to their Frequently Asked Questions.

Identity theft is a very stressful event – this checklist of follow-up steps can help.

Alert clients to important deadlines

Keep your client newsletters and website fresh with these Tax Articles and Reminders to highlight timely tax topics and deadlines.

Reassure them that a tax extension can be to their benefit and answer their questions with My CPA Says Extend: What does that Mean to Me?

Get started by:

Making it easy for people to find you with:

Ready-made Google AdWords to enhance your online marketing efforts.

Social Media—use ready-made tax tweets (holiday themed, general or technical) to enhance your presence and show your expertise. Try these social media user guides to get started.

Distinguish yourself:

Show prospective clients what sets you apart as a CPA and explain how you can help them prepare for life's most important moments by:

Giving this brochure on CPA services to prospective clients and incorporating this PowerPoint into presentations.

With this presentation guide, you can prepare, deliver and follow up on events in top form.

Provide your expertise to the community:

Share your expertise with community groups or clients with this Tax Law Snapshot PowerPoint.

Demonstrate your knowledge by being a resource to the press on tax issues and tips. It's easy, using this media release about tax season topics.

Learn the basics of talking to reporters with these Media Interview FAQs.

Connect with target audiences year round:

Place half or full-page ads in community, business or school programs and newsletters; these high-quality print ads highlight CPAs’ qualifications as a year-round adviser.

Keep your client newsletters and website fresh with these Tax Articles and Reminders to highlight timely tax topics and deadlines - choose from a wide menu of issues such as retirement, succession planning, 1099 concerns or family tax needs.

Sole Practitioners & Small Firms

Medium Firm

Large Firm

Find ready-to-use materials to remind clients and referral sources to come to you for expert, year-round tax planning services. You'll find a checklist to get you started. Develop a comprehensive program to help you and your staff effectively communicate the value of your tax services. Use the education resources to ensure staff fully understand the firm’s value, and share promotional materials with your marketing department.

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