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    Upcoming Seminar 
    Published September 19, 2006



    Contact: John Smith
    Smith & Jones
    888-555-1235 (fax)

    Free Financial Information for Members of the Sandwich Generation

    [Insert Date] Increasing numbers of adults are entering the sandwich generation, caring for both their aging parents and minor or young-adult children. In addition to the time, energy and often, financial resources that are involved, caring for aging parents requires having unique information, insight and guidance on a range of financial issues.

    To help meet that need, the {TOWN} CPA firm of Smith & Jones is offering free seminar titled, Meeting the Financial Challenges of Caring for Your Aging Parents. The seminar will be held at the {TOWN} Library at {TIME} on {DAY AND DATE}. The program is open to all individuals who care for or anticipate caring for aging parents. Admission is free. Please call Smith & Jones at 888-555-1234 to register or sign up.

    Smith & Jones Certified Public Accountants has been serving clients across {COUNTY} from its {TOWN} office since 1993. The firm offers a wide array of services including a, b, and c, as well as d. Founders John Smith and Jane Jones and their staff of six CPAs have a combined 49 years of tax and accounting experience. John Smith is a graduate of ABC University and has earned the a and b designations. Jane Jones is a graduate of DEF College, holds a master's degree from GHI University and has earned the a, b and c designations.



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