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    New Office Location 
    Published September 19, 2006



    John Smith
    Smith & Jones
    888-555-1235 (fax)

    Firm Opens New Office to Assist County Residents with Tax Planning

    [Insert Date] It's never too early to think about tax planning. While personal and corporate tax deadlines may be a long way off, it pays to think about taxes now. There are many steps that can be taken to reduce a family's or company's tax burden, but they must be taken throughout the year.

    Individuals and businesses in {COUNTY} now have a new resource for planning ahead for their next tax-filing deadline. Smith & Jones, a CPA firm based in {COUNTY}, has opened a new office in {TOWN} to serve the needs of its growing client base. Smith & Jones offers a no-obligation consultation program, which enables potential clients to get to know the firm, discuss how the firm can help them and review the related fees.

    Our base of clients in {COUNTY} has continued to grow and to serve them better we decided to open an office in the area. That way, we can provide our clients in {COUNTY} with greater convenience and easier face-to-face service, says co-founder, John Smith.

    Smith & Jones Certified Public Accountants has been serving clients across {COUNTY OR AREA} from its {TOWN} office since 1993. The firm offers a wide array of services including a, b and c, as well as d. Founders John Smith and Jane Jones and their staff of six CPAs have a combined 49 years of tax and accounting experience. John Smith is a graduate of ABC University and has earned the a and b designations. Jane Jones is a graduate of DEF College, holds a master's degree from GHI University and has earned the a, b and c designations.















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