Contest Materials

    Invite Your Clients to Participate

    Encourage your clients to join the fun by sharing their stories with an image, video or tweet. We’ve prepared materials to make that easy for you. See the instructions below.

    • A clickable graphic created just for the campaign. Use it on your website or in your client newsletter and it will send your clients to the #CPAPOWERED homepage.
    • Email copy to let your clients know about this program. We’ve provided sample copy that you can personalize or use as is.

    Publish This Clickable Graphic On Your Website

    Click inside the text box below to copy and paste the code snippet into your web page.



    CPA Powered
    Sample E-mail Copy for Clients

    Click inside the text boxes below to copy and paste the sample e-mail copy into your e-mail client.

    Subject line content
    Body content
    Formatting is required.

    Download sample email copy for formatting guidance.
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