Becoming a Media Resource - Basics 

Published September 19, 2006

We watch it, listen to it, read it and go online to view it. The media plays an important part in our everyday lives, and it's an excellent vehicle to create awareness of your firm and the services you offer. Today, there are more media outlets available than in any other time in history. Learning how to become a media resource has become an important business strategy in today's world.

Whether the local newspaper or a major national magazine is interviewing you, there are three guidelines that will help to develop your reputation as a positive media resource.

  • Honesty isn't just the best policy -- it's the only policy. Never lie. Don't even speculate. Even if you think you've got a pretty good educated guess, don't share it. It's okay to say, I don't know. I'll have to get back to you with that information. Of course, make sure you do.
  • Keep your answers brief, simple and to the point. A CPA is trained to work down to the bottom line. The media needs the bottom line first.
  • Don't let the media intimidate you. Always talk to the media because you want to or because it will be good for you or your firm. Never speak with them because you feel pressured.



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