Customer Service Tips - Practical Tips for Achieving Effective Client Communication 

    Published September 19, 2006

    Maintain clear and reasonable expectations:

    • When the situation warrants, adjust your clients expectations promptly.
    • Report project status regularly.
    • Avoid surprises.

    Avoid fee-related misunderstandings:

    • Discuss fees during the first meeting.
    • Furnish a written fee agreement.
    • Bill periodically and promptly.

    Make time to educate your client:

    • Share your work with the client.
    • Involve them in the process.
      • Add value beyond the services being provided.
      • Create a positive experience for the client.

    Show that you care about your client as a person:

    • Highlight potential personal implications of accounting and financial issues and situations.
    • Remember personal details such as names of family members, key milestones, birthdays, etc.
      • Write them down.
      • Calendar them so you remember to mention them.
      • Send cards and personal notes.
    • Be focused and actively engaged in serving your client.


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