10 Suggested Uses For Brochures 

Published September 19, 2006

The brochures included in this section of the CPA Marketing Tool Kit provide room for imprinting your firm's name to help you increase your visibility in the community. You may want to mail the brochures to potential and existing clients, use them as handouts when you give speeches, or display a few copies in your office reception area. Here are 10 specific suggestions on how to use these brochures.

  1. Give some brochures, with your business card attached, to clients and vendors who are likely to make referrals, and ask them to pass them on to individuals or business owners they know that may need a CPA.
  2. Send a copy to the media along with a letter describing the topics on which you could provide information.
  3. Sent to clients after tax season with a letter describing additional non-tax services that you offer.
  4. Distribute to participants at seminars or meetings at which you are a speaker.
  5. Send to bankers and attorneys with whom you are acquainted along with a cover letter highlighting key services.
  6. Give to other individuals who are potential referral sources for your firm.
  7. Use as part of a direct-mail campaign to prospective clients.
  8. Provide copies to members and/or leadership of organizations in which you volunteer.
  9. Leave in the reception area of your office.
  10. Use as a handout when making career presentations before high schools and/or college students.

Be sure to check back often, as new brochures will be added periodically.



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